About Us

Koontz Heating & Air Conditioning: Tradition of Quality Service

Air Conditioning and heating is all in the family at Koontz Heating & Air Conditioning.  Jerry Koontz started the company in 1967, and today his son, Chris is company president.

The father-son leadership has served Koontz Heating & Air conditioning well.  The company has grown to be one of the largest HVAC contractors in the area, servicing many builders and contractors.

The company’s knowledgeable staff guides the homeowner in their heating and cooling decisions ensuring their ultimate comfort with today’s HVAC systems.  “One of our strongest traits is that many of our employees have been with us for years, “ says Chris Koontz.  “Their knowledge and skills along with great pride in their workmanship and a real commitment add to the quality of the final product.  The employees are the heart of the company.”

Koontz’s mechanical engineering degree helps provide him with the knowledge to assist homeowners and builders in their decision making.  “The HVAC industry has changed over the years.  It no longer just provides heating and air conditioning, but must maintain humidity control, indoor air quality and temperature zoning.  With new efficient codes a home or building must be treated as a complete environmental system and to make things more challenging, Florida’s climate is unique in ways not seen in other parts of the country.  To create a livable environment in Florida an HVAC contractor must have an in-depth knowledge of insulation, window design and ventilation of a building.  My engineering background gives me an edge, but sometimes I see interactions of our systems that take me back to the books to research.”

He keeps in touch with the Florida Solar Energy Center, which helps set energy standards for Florida, he also is an active member in many organizations and associations in his industry.  Keeping up with the current technology is important and guarantees that the schematic of your system will be the latest designs available in today’s market.

Koontz Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to excellent customer satisfaction, with a strong tradition of quality service.  “I am a very hands-on owner, and I’m easily accessible for customers and it helps that we’re strongly established in the community.  We know our customers, and our customers know us.”